What should I expect from my Tailor?


Hello Gorgeous Peony Girls!

Tailoring is an important part to any wedding dress shopping experience. We have been asked many times, “What should I expect from my Tailor, and what should I expect at the fittings?” This is a great question; here are some key points to remember:

~ The first fitting is a starting off point for the bride to let the seamstress know exactly what she is looking for. Once the bride has her dress on, the seamstress will review the appropriate undergarments, the alternations needed and any modifications that may be required.

~ The bustling of the train is unique to each gown and these options will be discussed.

~ ALWAYS bring your shoes to the fittings! This is especially important at your second fitting as this is most likely when the tailor will need to hem your dress if necessary. The ideal length of any gown is just grazing the floor in front of your feet.

~ If you have already selected your accessories, bring them to the appointment as well so you can see the whole look tied together.

~ Let the seamstress know if you are on a diet plan, or planning to lose weight for your wedding day, so the dress can be tailored appropriately.

~ The average number of dress fittings is 3 depending on weight change, and amount of tailoring requests.

~ When you pick up your gown, lay it down flat in the back seat of your car to avoid creasing and wrinkles.

Happy Tailoring!

x The White Peony

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